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Neobi Wins Judge's Choice Award!

We’ve officially completed The Accelerator program with an amazing conclusion at Pitch Party YYC!

API Tutorial - How To Search For Cannabis Products

Neobi Open Cannabis is now available in the largest API marketplace in the world! With RapidAPI you can discover, evaluate, and integrate with any API.  Neobi Cannabis API is now available to over .

New API Version Released (v1.4)

We are happy to announce that we just released another version of the Neobi Open Cannabis API. Version 1.4 is now live and available for requests. It contains bug fixes and enhancements which are .

Pitch Party YYC

Five months ago we joined The Accelerator, Calgary’s technology seed accelerator based in Inglewood. The program is led by founders with Silicon Valley experience from platinum rated accelerators, .

Get a Free Premium Membership to the Neobi Cannabis API

We are currently running a promotion for a free monthly Premium membership to the Neobi API. This gives complete and unlimited access to all of our data through easy to use methods. All you have .

Interview with our CEO

Originally published by the Accelerator

Tell us about yourself. My name is Mike Colbourne, I am the founder and CEO of NEOBI Tech. We organize cannabis information and make it accessible to everyone. .

Get Started with Neobi


Getting started is a simple process just follow the steps below.

API Testing with Restlet


Restlet is a powerful extension from Chrome which provides automated API testing. You can easily test requests with the Neobi API in minutes using the user friendly extension.

API Testing with Postman


Postman is a great tool that every API Developer should have in their toolkit. Developers use the application to build modern software for the API-first world. I want to show how easy it is to .

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Get started

Tutorial on how to get started with the Neobi API

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Neobi + Restlet (Chrome Extension)

Use the most popular Chrome REST client in the app store. Restlet...

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