API Tutorial - How To Search For Cannabis Products

Neobi Open Cannabis is now available in the largest API marketplace in the world! With RapidAPI you can discover, evaluate, and integrate with any API.  Neobi Cannabis API is now available to over a million developers accompanied by ten thousand more APIs.

But only a handful of them are Cannabis related. Neobi has real time data from all the provincial suppliers of retail Cannabis in Canada with more data being added daily. You can import entire catalogs from the use of our Product endpoints.

Below is a sample of how to make a request on RapidAPI.

Get a List of Cannabis Products in the Database


Expand the Products group, and click the first GET Products. You can leave the defaults parameters set as they are. It will return a sample record once you click Test Endpoint.products-rapid



Take note of the 'cannacode'. This is the Product's unique ID that can be passed into other request parameters. For example, let's pass it into the Variants endpoint. Choose GET Product Variants.


Get a List of Variants


Next, paste the 'cannacode' into the Optional Parameter field and click Test Endpoint. The results should return all available Product Options (Variants) for the specified Product.

Untitled picture


The standardized response for the Product Variant is shown below.

Untitled picture-1


Start searching for Cannabis Products!



More Tutorials coming soon. Happy coding! 

-The Neobi Development Team

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