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New API Version Released (v1.4)

We are happy to announce that we just released another version of the Neobi Open Cannabis API. Version 1.4 is now live and available for requests. It contains bug fixes and enhancements which are shown below.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Variant Duplicates
  2. SKU duplicates


  1. Added Equivalency weights (ie. 3.5g per package)
  2. Special Attributes are now being parsed from select sources
  3. Brand now has its own field (ie. Aurora)
  4. Currency now has its own field (ie. USD)
  5. Update Date is now being populated so the last know update is evident in each product.
  6. Increased Page size to 1000 - Results now come back in pages of 1000 (max). Use the count query string parameter (ie. &count=1000)


You can now call the product endpoint with a maximum page count of 1000. Warning: Performance and response time may degrade as you increase the page size.

So Many Parameters (Query String):

Our Cannabis API is equipped to handle all types of searching, that is why we have a variety of optional parameters that can be populated in the query string. The following are examples of some new parameters that can be used when searching:

Request parameters

  • page (optional) integer. Page number to be returned.
  • count (optional) integer. The total number of items to be returned.
  • sort (optional) string. The field to sort on, updated or created
  • thc (optional) string. The THC range to return, ie. 10-25
  • location (optional) string. The location to search, ie. Alberta
  • htmlDescription (optional) boolean, ie. false
  • active (optional) string, ie. 0






This is just one example of the enhancements that have been deployed to our latest API. Please check the documentation regularly as we add new examples and use cases.


Happy coding!

The Neobi Development Team

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